Thursday, June 13, 2024
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About Us

The Bathurst Agricultural Society is a non-profit organisation which was formed in 1848 on the 12th of April (firstly known as the Lower Albany Agricultural Society until the 25th August 1903) and is dedicated to supporting future agriculture and affiliated industry, emphasizing the importance of the Agricultural Sector to the general public at large while upholding and honouring past agricultural successes and traditions.

We can proudly say that the 2024 Bathurst Agricultural Show to be held on Friday the 22nd to Sunday the 24th of March 2024, is the Society’s 114th Show. The Bathurst Agricultural Show is the largest and one of the oldest in the Eastern Cape.

Our treasured tradition of the Bathurst Agricultural Show continues because it belongs to the community and would not be such a success if it were not for all the much appreciated wonderful volunteers who freely give of their time and resources, some of which have been lending a helping hand for over 30 years.

This is a true testament to the society and the commitment of the Bathurst and surrounding community who through thick and thin (such as wars, rinderpest, anthrax, influenza, droughts and the depression) have pulled together to make sure the ‘Show goes on’.

“Simply the Best” was consequently and understandably the most apt name for the book written by Ben Bezuidenhout about the first 100 Bathurst Agricultural Shows.

Survival of the society has always relied upon the support from Sponsors be it either financially, by adopting and maintaining one of the old buildings or kindly donating prizes towards our numerous competitions.

The Bathurst Agricultural Society is most grateful for their assistance and generosity and hopes for continued support in the many years to come.