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Excerpts from the book:  SIMPLY THE BEST by Ben Bezuidenhout:


The people would dance and dance and there would be clouds of dust coming up through the floorboards and there was this murky haze all over the hall, but nobody cared. They were happy and those were happy times and what fun they had. At the end there would be the drive home or a walk back to the campsite in the sweet night air and the romance and the memories ….. what memories of a grand evening.
Don Long always maintained the music was too loud and used to solve the problem by sticking a cigarette in each ear every time he took to the dance floor.

Colin Purdon was a happy man, all three daughters were entered in the baby show. The eldest daughter won a prize and the twins won a prize in their section too. The man was so chuffed about the whole event he was seen marching in the Grand Parade behind the animal section with a large red sash round his shoulders and the words “Champion Bull of the Show!”


On the 12th April 1848 a meeting was held at Bathurst and the Lower Albany Agricultural Society was formed. The years from 1848 to 1903 were turbulent years for various reasons but on the 25th August 1903 a public meeting was held and the Bathurst Agricultural Society was officially formed. The Bathurst Agricultural Society is therefore one of the oldest surviving agricultural societies in South Africa.  The first Bathurst Agricultural Show was held in 1850 by there is only an accurate count of annual shows from 1904 and the centenary Show was held in 2008.

The Bathurst Agricultural Show is organized and managed by the Bathurst Agricultural Society, a Committee committed to the traditions of past & present agricultural successes including the camaraderie that ensues from the annual agricultural show get-together.

The Society, a non-profit organisation, is dedicated to supporting agriculture and affiliated industry by providing a platform for exhibitors and entrepreneurs alike. The Show therefore provides an ideal environment wherein business partnerships are formed; trading opportunities furthered, and the cross-section of idea sharing takes place.