Thursday, June 13, 2024
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Home & Garden Catalogue Bathurst Show 2024

If you wish to enter you are strongly advised to FIRST READ the General Rules & Information document.

Please ensure that your entry/entries reach us in time! No late entries will be accepted!

Home and Garden Info and Rules

Home and Garden Entry Form

Art and Photography Entry Form

Art and Photography Catalogue

Crafts, Make, Grow And Bake Catalog

Exhibit Details Labels

I – Farm Produce

M – Knitting

N – Crochet

O – Needlework & embroidery

P – Machine made needlework

Q – Homecraft

R – Quilting

S – Baking

T – Bottling

W – Pot Plants & Cut Flowers

X – Woodwork

Y – Digital Design

Z – Everything Pineapples


Floral Art

Floral Art Entry Form


Junior Art Entry Form

Junior Art Exhibit Details Labels

Junior Art Sections

Additional Children’s Sections


The documents are in Microsoft Word format or in Adobe reader format. If you don’t have Microsoft Word available, you can install various alternative software packages to allow you to process the documents.

For PFD documents you will require Adobe Reader to view the documents.


All documents available for download is the copyright of the Bathurst Agricultural Society. Documents that are available in editable format is for your convenience. No documents with the core content altered will be accepted. The acceptable edits is to fill in any requested information in the spaces provided. Any other changes will render the document null and void.